Canon S1 IS sample shots taken on 6/20/04

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These were all taken hand held, in Auto mode, flash off, with IS turned on while sitting on a porch swing in the shade.

All images were taken at 1600x1200 res with superfine compression and have not been altered in any way (except for the panoramic shot which I slightly resized and used 80% jpeg compression.)


Here is a panoramic shot to help give you an idea of the distance.  (this was my first try at photo stitch mode, there are some goofy seams in there.)

The sun was mostly out but I was in the shade.

Here is an interesting shot of the pepsi can taken at 10X zoom with no flash.

Here is a close up of the near by dog.

I almost zoomed all the way to 10X on this one (this is probably around 7 or 8)

Full 10X zoom on the bird house