"Injured Hand" Mp3's


Metal Mix 2 "Injured Hand" Full Version (studio mix) -Remastered (2/20/03)

"Injured Hand" Radio Version -Studio Mix 2

"Injured Hand" As heard on The Edge -Rough radio rip

-This is another metal jam with a heavy groove, solos, the whole works.  I tried some different mixing/mastering techniques on this one, quite an improvement from my previous recordings. 

-Features:  Fender Strat (bridge humbucker) on the basic rhythm track, then I overdubbed it with a Tokai LesPaul and the solos are also the Tokai LesPaul.  Both guitars were recorded direct with the Cyber-Twin using my Dual Brichter preset (but with the bass turned all the way down for mixing purposes.)  The bass is a MIJ Fender FotoFlame Jazz through a SansAmp Bass DI and a J-Station.  I'm happy to note that this is my first recording done with the Zoom RT-323 drum machine (all the previous were made with the RT-234.)  Everything was recorded on my computer via the inputs on a Delta 66 soundcard.  







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