"In My Dream" cover from Robin Trower's "Go My Way" album, Recording spec's:


This song was recorded on a Windows PC through a M-Audio/Midiman Delta 66 sound card, mixed with Cool Edit Pro 2 and mastered with CEP2 w/Steinberg's Mastering Suite, Waves MaxxBass, and DSP/FX AcousticVerb. I used the Fender Cyber-Twin amp (direct out the XLR's) on all guitar tracks.  The drum tracks were  created with the Zoom RT-323 then put together with CEP2's looping feature.  The bass track was done with a Fender Foto Flame Jazz Bass through a Sansamp Bass DI through a J-Station using a Fender Bassman preset.

-Lead Guitar Track:  Stratocaster, Neck Pickup (single coil)

-Rhythm Guitar Track (Tremolo): Les Paul, Middle Pickup Switch Position

-Rhythm Guitar Track (Clean w/Delay): Les Paul, Neck Pickup

-Rhythm Guitar Track (Wah): Les Paul, Neck Pickup, (Teese RMC-2 Wah Pedal)


"In My Dream" (Slight Return) - 5.78M

-May take 20-30 min download time via 56k




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