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-New bass gear pic's added 04/21/09
-New MP3 "I'm Comin' For You" added 11/28/04
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"I'm Comin' For You" - (11/28/04)
-This is a song I wrote in the style of ZZ Top.
"In My Dream" with Vocals - (11/18/03)
-This is a cover of Robin Trower's song from the "Go My Way" album. 
-Features:  Vocals and a new lead guitar track Click here for details.
"1967 Gibson Sound Clip" - (10/14/03)
-This is just me messing around with the newly acquired totally stock Gibson. 
-Features:  The ES-120T plugged into the Cyber-Twin on a sweet clean setting.
    Simple drum loop courtesy of the Zoom RT-323.
"Believe" -New (9/5/03)
-This is another metal mix, even with vocals this time. 
- Click here for details.
"DaBlues Shuffle" - (6/24/03)
-This is an SRV'ish instrumental with a shuffle beat. 
-Features:  I used my stratocaster with the neck pickup selected for this one.
Metal Mix 2 "Injured Hand" -Updated (8/12/03)
- Another full blown metal jam complete with solo.
- Click here for the Injured Hand page.  Two studio versions and a version recorded live from The Edge radio show. 
Metal Mix 1 "Death To Punk" -Remastered (2/20/03)
-This is a full blown metal jam with a few other little things thrown in.  It's called Death To Punk because the punk'ish riff at the beginning dies off into heavy metal riffage.
-Features my new jazz bass and I went even further on the Cyber-Twin's gain this time (no one can the C-T can't do metal.)
Hard Rock Jam - (1/22/02)
-Here's a hard blues-rock song mixed and mastered by yours truely, featuring killer bass riffs by my good friend, and I cranked up the gain on the Cyber-Twin for this one!
33 Blues - (12/21/01)
-This is a kinda slow blues in a 3/4 beat.
-Features a "clean" tube Cyber-Twin setting, Bill Lawrence L-280 neck & middle (quack) pickup combo and the Zoom 234.

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My New Pic's:

1967 Gibson ES-120T Archtop Thinline Customized  '99 Fender Am. Std. Strat Customized  Tokai Les Paul Classic (Love Rock) Basses
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My Bass Rig Schroeder Cab  Cyber-Twin and Teese RMC-2 Wah pedal Ovation Celeb. Deluxe A shot of my guitars
Fender Bassman 400 head and Schroeder 1210 cab '99 Am. Std, Ovation Celeb Del., 60's Classic, '98 P-Bass

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